Civitanova Marche 2008-Report of the President

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At the end of our so-called restricted, given the time available and the context of the day we have to listen to some proposals for missions that some of our members want to do MEME ' carnivals ANGELINI LEUCCI we will listen to them individually, and IN extreme Synthesis (they have at their disposal, given the limited time, 5 minutes apiece, to exhibit individually their proposal). Their proposals will be forwarded to the CTS, which in the shortest time can give them the answers.       At the so   I'il be brief at best. We as Sosan have various anomalies from correct all related to each other. (Supporting the previous minutes of C. D.)  

  1. The information
  2. Needs new medical Partners, operating
  3. Needs new NON-medical, but operational partners
  4. Needs new sites to perform the missions currently are few
  5. Need to be operational on the funding that can be requested and not be asked
  6. The C.T.S.
  7. Letter to all Governors X area and District Meeting Space
  8. Testimonial


  1. Information:
  • currently non-existent; No one writes
  • THE LION-Sirius + innocents + KILLER diseases
  • Aesop – Costs – Services – site – Article correction – Newspaper – NEWS – Stamps


  1. It needs new medical partners, operatives-missions difficult to carry out and to knead-to show the sanitary present)


  1. Requires new NON-medical, but operational (sites-information-activities in districts)


  1. It needs new countries to carry out missions-there are currently few


  1. It needs to be operational on the financing that can be requested and not asked (to view LICF)


  1. The C.T.S.


  1. Write a letter to all Governors X Space and District meeting area and Congress


  1. Testimonial


  1. Decision taken at the last council: check their evasion


  1. nn


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