Mission guidelines

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THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIONS CLUBS multidistrict 108 ITALY SO. San. LIONS Organization of Health Solidarity ONLUS-Permanent national SERVICE-guidelines for the mission Each Volunteer association establishes guidelines for regulating missions abroad in order to determine exactly what the duties are Of the volunteer doctor who of the organizations themselves, to perform in the best way, their volunteer missions.   So do I. San. has issued the following guidelines that will be sent to all members who want to participate in some volunteer mission.   I know. San. It is open to every collaboration and is ready to examine any project of mission in favor of the people of the needy countries, presented by the members.   To what happens it is necessary that:  

  1. Volunteers participating in the missions are required to qualify as a member of the know. San.
  2. The partner proposing a new mission must present to the Chairman of the Scientific Technical Committee and the President of the know. San. And for knowledge to the district councillor, at least three months before, a written and detailed project of the Mission; For this purpose a scheme has been prepared that will help to prepare it (all. N. 1).
  3. The member who proposes a mission already carried out in previous years will have to present to the President of the know. San. And for knowledge to the district councillor, at least two months before, a written and detailed project of the mission
  4. The Governing Council, on the advisory opinion of the Technical Scientific Committee, will decide whether or not to implement the project.
  5. The Governing Council shall inform in writing, with a resolution document, whether or not it has been accepted, the present partner of the project; Without this notification the project will not be considered "mission SO. SAN. "
  6. The voluntary members participating in the missions deliberated by the so-called, will benefit from the established facilities (all. N. 2).
  7. In the approved project, the members participating in the missions shall comply with the following obligations:


  1. The members participating in the mission must, as per statute, have participated in the life of the Association and supported it, thus contributing to the realization of its goals, through donations in annual or multiannual money.
  2. In order to be able to legally practise the profession abroad, as by international standards, the member shall provide the following documentation:
    1. The curriculum vitae with a brief case study of its professional activity
    2. The registration to the order of the doctors in the case of a sanitary
    3. List of spoken languages
    4. Brief summary on any other volunteer missions carried out previously
  3. Among all the participants in the mission will be identified by the Board, and communicated in writing to the volunteers, a manager (all. N. 3), which in all respects will represent the SO. San. and will have the task of making a meeting with all the members of the expedition before departure:
  1. To take the point on the details of the mission, both for the logistics (departure and return dates, type of transfers on the spot, type of climate, clothing, language, the necessary vaccination and/or pharmacological coverage, the hospitality reserved for them, etc.), which for The operation (type, quality and quantity of assistance and/or educational activities to be carried out.)
  2. To check the necessary documentation for a correct and legal course (visas, vaccinations, permits for the conduct of health activities.).
  3. To illustrate the Any changes supervened to the program
  4. Keep in touch and relate during the mission with local referents.
  5. Relate, if necessary, the President of the SO. San. During the course of the mission and inform him about any problems that may arise, consulting with him for any important decision to take.
  6. Ask the manager of the structure where the mission was carried out, for all the volunteers intervened a document attesting the successful mission.
  7. Write (electronically) at the end of the mission a report on what is done, complete with listing of the benefits provided, accompanied by suggestions and comments and supported by movies and photos.


  1. The voluntary members will be delivered by the Secretariat (except exceptions to be evaluated) the tickets necessary for the various air movements both international and in the countries interested in the missions.


  1. Voluntary members will be provided with a copy of the insurance that the association provides for the missions; Members will take note of it and subscribe to its acceptance in all its points (all. N. 4).


  1. The voluntary members, if necessary, will be provided before the departure of the certificates of operability issued by the Minister of Health of the country where the mission will take place.


  1. The mission manager will be notified of the name or names of the local referents with which to compare and work, and, if in possession, a list of the activities to be carried out.


  1. All the departing members must take care to carry out the necessary and due vaccinations. For this purpose they will sign a self-certification of vaccination, to discharge the SO. San. All. N. 5).


  1. Volunteer members after being informed of the foregoing if they agree, they will have to sign a certificate of information (all. N. 6).


  1. The rule missions will last 2 weeks and exceptionally 3.


  1. The participation of accompanying members is envisaged; These will be regulated as the Vedic volunteers, and benefit from the facilities deliberate by the


  1. At the end of the mission, the volunteer members will receive a certificate of participation (all. N. 7)

    Important: The mission will not be authorized by the OS. San  

  1. If all points of this document are not fulfilled;


  1. If the attachments, signed in the original, certified by a replacement declaration, do not come to the Secretariat SO. SAN, even in the event of a repeat of the mission.

                                                                                     The Board of directors know. San.         Bologna, 6 December 2010                         

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