The Conference "The New frontiers of Sosan"

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In the afternoon of Saturday, September 15, in Milano Marittima, an important conference was held entitled "The New Frontiers of Sosan". That saw the succession of various Lions speakers and SO. SAN., who have addressed the various aspects of the challenges that the association will face in the near future. The work was introduced by President Salvatore Trigona who has reworked the history of the SO. SAN., which was initially created to help the needy populations of poor countries, but then transformed because of the economic crisis with almost eight million poor Italians, of which five in absolute poverty, commits all their forces to the realization Of a project that offers them the provision of specialist services, completely free of charge. This has resulted in a greater organizational complexity, to which I know. San. He responded by acquiring statutes and regulations that have been adapted to the changing needs of the assisted and new laws. In particular, the CDA has been reduced numerically to be more slender and each adviser has a specific competence, according to his own professionalism, to operate in an accomplished and effective way. It was then reached by Gabriele Sabatosanti, honorary president, to trace the role of the SO. San. In the national context, where its capacity demonstrated over the years, could be better used, and international especially in the Mediterranean basin where it could be coordinator of supranational assistance projects. The Vecepresidente Alessandro Mastrorilli then spoke of the Lions clubs with specific interest, a fast growing alternative to the traditional club model, where I know. San. Could be a reference for those of medical setting. Gianni Castellani has re-proposed the famous Lions project and how it can offer a great opportunity for the service. The situation of the international Convention of Milan was then illustrated by Carlo Forcina followed by the vehement appeal of Maria Scappini for everyone to participate. Roberto Cecchi is then touched to illustrate the situation of the health centers I know. San. And their prospects, adding the novelty of the networks of effective and less demanding professionals. Renato Dabormida then talked about fundraising and how we can take the first steps towards financing the assistance activities. He then resumed the word Salvatore Trigona, as coordinator of the missions, to follow the future programmes of assistance abroad, particularly in the poor areas of Morocco. Franco De Toffol has made a roundup on the media and in particular on how we can improve the knowledge of SO. San. Inviting everyone, in the end, to communicate in their area the association and its work. Bruno Cavaliere has drawn a line for the increase of members and health professionals, assuming, among other things, the creation of a parallel association of "Friends of SO. SAN. "    

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