Always available for Lions clubs autorefractometers SO. San.

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  To SO. San. The Sight for Kids Campaign for the prevention of amblyopia has always been very at heart: it has promoted its recruitment as a national service to the National Congress of Rome and to that of Bari has supported the proposal to become a permanent service. In addition, to start immediately the campaign has bought some autorefractometers that have been made available to Lions clubs who, wanting to engage in this important service, had requested.  The availability continues again this year after all the equipment has been remodeled given the interest found in the campaign Sight for Kids against Amblyopia. The Ambioplia – also called "Lazy Eye" – is a disease of the eyes that affects children in the first few years of life and consists in a reduction of sight in one or both eyes. A timely diagnosis, especially in the first three years of life, allows the full rehabilitation of the small patient.    

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