Interview with Alfonso Carnevalini on the mission SO. SAN of October 2018 in Morocco.

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Alfonso Carnevalini is a member of the Lions Club of Viterbo, a professional ophthalmologist, who has collaborated with SO for years. San. Participating in numerous missions around the world. In a brief interview he illustrates his work in the recent expedition SO. San. In Morocco. Dear Alfonso, you are now a veteran of the missions I know. San. What do you tell us about our recent trip to Morocco? The start of the mission was a bit ' daring because the visits originally planned in the hospital of Tan-tan, were instead carried out at that of Azilal, in central Morocco, between the Atlas Mountains where I found a supply of equipment in good Efficiency. However, I already knew the hospital since we were in previous missions. With your work as an ophthalmologist, you need to be able to talk to your patients who don't usually know languages like you do? This time I was able to benefit from a much more experienced assistant-interpreter than in the past that has been able to optimize the flow of patients, thus allowing a greater number of observations. Let me use this term instead of ' visits ' because, as usual, given the large number of patients booked, I had to tighten the observation time as much as possible. But who were your patients? In previous missions The patients I had undergone to examine were predominantly local school boys; In this, however, from a personal point of view there has been a good promiscuity that I think is more just because the problems of vision increase with age. Then you will have to commit yourself a lot from an operative point of view I was busy in the morning from 9-9.30 alle13,30 and in the afternoon from 15-15,30 to 17.30. Throughout the operating days were 7 for a total of 1,005 visits; Those to elderly patients have led to the diagnosis of more than 350 cataracts. Coi has been about 200 visits in the pediatric age with myopia as a major sight defect, but I have also detected a dozen major strabisms that have been sent to hospitals. About 400 were visits of mature age with prevalence of presbyopia, hyperopia; But there have been some fifty important eye diseases such as glaucoma, trauma, and retinal detachment.   An important relapse then.   I would say yes also because the large number of cataracts to be detected has prompted the hospital administrative authority to urge the Ministry of Health to intervene in a camper equipped to carry out the interventions. This will entail for the residents, shorter waiting times, and absolute certainty of gratuity of the interventions themselves. Icing on the cake was the distribution, in a room adjacent to the clinic, of 500 pairs of used glasses brought there by Giuseppina Lolli, president of the Lions Club Terni. Franco De Toffol      

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