The 17th mission in Morocco

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From 8 to 18 October 2018 was held the seventeenth mission in Morocco, the 97 ° mission of SO. San. in the world. In Morocco, next to the wealthy coastal towns there is still underdevelopment in the northern areas, in the central Highlands and in the southerners. The health system is dominated by expensive private shipping while the public lives a serious shortage of medical staff so that each structure has only one surgeon in service who, therefore, can not program interventions in the election, but can only Carry out those emergency, if feasible. The missions I know. SAN in that country are directed towards sick needy of the less advanced areas that, thanks to the commitment and professionalism profuse, can be subjected to surgery or specialist visits otherwise denied to them. Returning to our mission, the original destination was Tantan hospital in southern Morocco, which for various reasons was no longer able to host the mission. They had to look for alternatives and so the group of physicians was divided into two with surgeons and pediatrician addressed in the hospital of Demnate, in central Morocco at the foot of the Aghry mountains, while the ophthalmologist and the Otorino were housed In the hospital of Azilal, in the Atlas Mountains. The hospital of Demnate was a pleasant surprise: Although the city has a very poor economy, the structure is brand new, the doctors, nurses and the health manager are very friendly and cooperative and the team of abdominal surgeons has have been able to operate at best. Overall results were important with as many as 26 surgeries, including 21 in Videolaparo. Surgical interventions were performed for cholelithiasis, Laparoceles and hernias. The work of ophthalmology was also more than satisfactory: 1,000 visits were made which led to the diagnosis of more than 350 cataracts; Several cases of presbyopia, hyperopia and about fifty important eye diseases such as glaucoma, trauma results, and retinal detachment have also been detected. The patients visited were given complete assistance which included the distribution of 500 used glasses. The activity of the otolaryngologist, despite some environmental difficulties, was also profitable reaching almost 400 visits, about sixty audiometric examinations, about fifty ear washes, about twenty prescription of hearing aid For a total of over 500 performance. Some sixty surgical interventions have been recommended, including tonsillectomy, nasal septum correction, tympanoplasty, stapedioplasty for Otosclerosis, thyroidectomy. Thanks to the spirit of service and the professionalism of the volunteers I know. San. Both Lions and not, a further important mission in favour of the "last" has been concluded positively.   Franco De Toffol

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