The collaboration with the Lions Club Teramo, another important piece in the activity I know. San. In Morocco

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A moment in the distribution of used glasses

Giuseppina Lolli, president of the Lion Club Teramo, took part in the mission SO. San. In Morocco last October. In this journey he has known more deeply the association and what he does in the world. We hear from his words the impression he drew from this experience. 

by Franco De Toffol

Dear Josephine, Why did you think to participate in the mission I know. San. In Morocco?

As a Lions Club Teramo we have designed the intervention in synergy with the SO. San. That, in addition to having an agreement with the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, has provided doctors of various specializations.  I took part in the mission as president of the Club together with Alfredo Alchapante, socio SO. San. Among the most active, which has long been following for the Club of Teramo health missions in Morocco.

What did your Club plan consist of?

 We had proposed to bring to Morocco and deliver 1200 glasses collected by the Italian Lions and, to better operate, and we have recourse to SO. San. To have an ophthalmologist and also a pediatrician.

Our club has provided the logistical aspect of the eyewear: transport, customs clearance, arrival at destination. In this way the ophthalmologist would have already found them in Azilal, a small town located in a depressed area at the foot of the Atlas, which would be our operative site.

Was it new to you this intervention?

The Lions Club of Teramo has for several years been in contact with the association Italo-Moroccan Assistance and social works Onlus that has illustrated and required help to cope with the needs of the poorest people in the hinterland.

The Lions Club of Teramo that has been participating for years in the collection of used eyewear has illustrated the initiative at the National Center used glasses of Chivasso that was happy to indulge us.

With the contribution of the SO. San. And his ophthalmologist Alfonso Carnevalini has been able to be more effective and have a more complete operation.

The distribution you made it directly, what impression did you have?

 The day I participated in the delivery of glasses, see the satisfaction and contentment of those poor people who with the delivery of a glasses came back to see, have filled my heart with joy.

I still feel a thrill if I think of the cry of a Berber woman who, after the ophthalmology, touched me thanks embracing and kissing me clutching in his hand the pair of glasses just received: It was the first time he could see clear!

It was a kiss on my heart turned but symbolically turned to the great heart of all the Lions!! 7

In fact, the image of that embrace has had considerable feedback on the media and Social networks, could you make a total balance of your experience?

This direct experience I was very excited and allowed to touch how altruism there may be in a small gesture as the delivery of a pair of glasses that we no longer need.

 Those glasses would have ended up in the trash, but the work of many Lions (awareness campaigns, collection actions, restoration and cataloging) allowed Milti who could never afford to buy new ones, to change their lives.

I was able to verify directly the importance of the commitment made in this service by many lions and the most precious national lions collection of used eyewear of Chivasso.

Above all I had the full awareness of the real and positive work that I know for years. San. With its volunteers it realizes in the countries of the need, but above all the importance of exploiting the synergies that the experience and the operative capacity of this association can give.

An experience that made us feel, once more, proud to be Lions!

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