Here are the results of the health care Center I know. San. of Viareggio

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Data relating to activity 2018 of the I Know Health care centre have been presented. San. of Viareggio, which conducts free specialist visits to indigent patients reported by local social services. The visits, carried out by voluntary specialists who have joined the initiative, take place at the surgeries carried out in the premises made available by the Misericordia of Viareggio.

The agreement with the mercy and collaboration with the Association Me. V.V. (Volunteer doctors Versiliesi) have been developed by the Lions Club Club Viareggio Versilia Host, with the supervision of the SO. San..

"The outpatient activity, in line with that of last year-reported the coordinator of the center Gioacchino Cancemi-saw the rotation at the center about fifty patients with the following breakdown for specialty: Cardiology 12 visits with ECG, Ophthalmology 16 Visits, ORL 13 visits with 7 Audiometrie, psychology 6 patients followed. Of course, all patients who have been given a pathology have been rechecked one or more times after appropriate therapy. "

The Center works thanks to social workers of the municipality who send all the applicants who turn to the social offices for specialist visits; Unfortunately there is no correspondence from Caritas or other similar associations. Too bad the potential of the center would be much bigger. R

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