Always in full activity the dental health center SO. San. of Tombolo

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The Health center I know. San. Of Tombolo is a clinic for dental assistance to the poorest of the area and works in collaboration with local social structures.

The access is strictly behind reporting of the social services of the municipalities and ASL and the benefits are, just as strictly, free.

Also this year the activity was important and the 2018 closes with be 330 interventions carried out on 71 patients. The whole developed by about ten doctors and six between nurses and assistants always volunteers. Other external collaborations should also be taken into account (dental laboratories, surgical and diagnostic structures-e.g. TAC-Second level, etc.) That allow the structure to function.

It should be taken into account the peculiarity of dental care: interventions, in large part, require expensive equipment and materials and the amount of interventions can be limited by the financial availability of the structure. In order to cope with the requests deriving from all this work, funds were found to be allocated to the purchase of the consumable materials using the support of the OS. SAN., of the Citadel LC and of sponsors.

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