The flattering greeting of Councillor Stefania Saccardi at the meeting I know. San. of Arezzo

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The health councillor of the Tuscan region and regional vice-President Stefania Saccardi, unable to intervene at the meeting SO. San. of Arezzo, sent a letter of greeting very gratifying to the activity that I know. San. is unfolding in Tuscany and not only

Very kind

I would like to thank So. San for inviting me to this important initiative, aimed at telling the experience of solidarity carried out by your association thanks to the project Italy.

           For previous institutional commitments, I will not be present, but I am really happy to bring my greetings to your meeting.   

           The activities that are developed in Tuscany and other parts of the country and the world, qualify your commitment and testify to the availability of physicians and Lions clubs to work to improve the lives of many people.

           What you also do is an opportunity to reflect on the complex health world, the role of volunteering and humanitarian organisations, the values of brotherhood, solidarity and social justice. 

           Today, faced with a world that tends to exclude, to leave to the margins those who live conditions of suffering and disadvantage, the action of So. San is a ray of light that illuminates altruism and solidarity, values that contribute to improving the systems of health and social protection.

         I am convinced that our communities, gathering the challenges of modernity, can really strive to build a new "humanism" that, starting with those who are in danger of staying behind, reconstruct social practices, welfare, civic sense, paths of Care and inclusion.

         "The fearful and joyless communities are not Christian," Pope Francis tells us.

Here we must treasure this exhortation to recover the original meaning of being community, or the totality of those who have something in common and work, all together, to regenerate forms and ways of civil and social coexistence based on love, dignity and respect.

         A heartfelt thanks, therefore, for what you do also in our Tuscany. Projects like yours, also thanks to the availability of local authorities, help us to recover and nurture the true sense of community, to regenerate cultural and social horizons, to elaborate "visions" of a world in which no one is excluded, margined or Forgot.

          Good luck with your work

                                                                                                                                                                    The Councillor Stefania Saccardi

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