Here are the doctors Aretini who joined the project Italia SO. San.

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A moment of graduation from the Doctors of the network I know. San. Of Arezzo by the governor of the Lions district the Daniele Greco and the president I know. San. Anonymous

"This is the first time that the Italian private medicine sector has organized itself in such an organic and extensive way to make such a meaningful gesture of solidarity." wrote Arezzo news about project Italy presented in the recent meeting I know. San. Held in Arezzo on 26 January 2019.

The Italy project, developed by SO. SAN., is aimed at the indigent who live in our nation so that they can enjoy, free of charge, full specialist services; It is based on a network of volunteer physicians, of various specialties, available to make visits completely free of charge.

In the province of Arezzo, after a start a little muted, the system is going positively to the regime so that in the last year there were fifty visits, thanks to thirty doctors who joined with momentum to the appeal made by SO. San..

The greatest adhesion was in the province of Arezzo, where the initiative took off, with more than twenty doctors, then followed Florence with a dozen and Lucca with a doctor. On the occasion of the meeting in Arezzo, as a sign of gratitude, by SO. San. It was given to everyone a certificate to thank them heartily for the generosity with which they put their time and their professionalism at the disposal of the destitute.

They are: Alessandro Aimi, Mario Aimi, Pierantonio Bacci, Sofia Balò, Gianluca Banelli, Roberto Biandaioli, Stefano Bordiga, Daniele Buggiani, Giovanni Cannarozzo, Paolo Caposciutti, Marcello Caremani, Carlo Casattari, Roberto Cecchi, Giompiero Chiavini, Roberto Crocini, Alberto D'autilia, Gabriele Floria, Franco Ginetti, Saverio Luzzi, Filippo Maioli, Enrico Marchi, Paolo Martini, Daniela Melchiorre, Marco Mitola, Eugenio Montagni, Lucia Poggesi, Pierluigi Rossi, Giulia tempt, Giorgio Zambaldi.

To all a big thanks from the SO. SAN, but especially by the indigent who thanks to them have been able to have those cures that otherwise could never get.

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