The center of Health care So. San. Lions Mary Help Bari-interview with the coordinator Angelo Iacovazzi

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The plate of the health Center I know. San. of Bari

The Mary Help Center for Health Care is inaugurated in December of 2015 and since then it carries out its constant activity in the district of San Girolamo near the Sisters of Mary Help of Christians. The health director of the center is Dr. Ivano Accettura and the coordinator is Angelo Iacovazzi; We hear from the latter a balance on the first 3 years of activity.

Dear Angelo, Can you tell us why this center I know. San. Right in the San Girolamo neighbourhood?

The district of San Girolamo di Bari is a really difficult and neglected area: Our infrastructure is the center of popular houses where many families are in serious difficulty living in conditions of strong indigence and discomfort: men and women without work; Young people deprived of the possibility of building a future; People eager for emotional relationships, but often alone and forced to undergo violence; The malpractice; lawlessness; Indifference and the crisis of values. It has also intervened to give specialist health assistance to various immigrants deprived of residence permits that have illegally reached the city and living on the outskirts of the periphery.

The center is housed at a religious institution why such a choice?

The three sisters who run the Institute have given a very important help to our activity: in addition to giving us free of charge the premises they have always made us by towing and interface with the needs of the indigent who know very well and They are already assisting in their many needs. In particular, sister Isa, closely follows the control of access to the center.

But in practice, how does the health center work?

After a first contact with the structure, the patients are directed to a network of physicians of the various specialties, available and able to assure specialist visits, analyses, X-rays and many other interventions in a completely free. Patients are accompanied by the center at their clinic during the agreed hours. The network is formed and is evolving more and more according to the needs and availability of medical specialists Lions, doctors specialists of the health Club of Bari, military specialists and other specialists "friends" who believe in this service.

Inauguration of the Health centre

From what you tell me I understand that in these three years your has become a center of safe reliance and reference for health solidarity.

Dr.  Accepted since the launch of the Lions Health Center has lent and continues to provide assistance with listening to patients in the center for more hours a week totalizing almost 500 hours of free service for a total of almost 1000 visits in three years.

In This activity is also mentioned the important collaboration with the hospital of Acquaviva of the sources where we carry, sometimes autombulance, patients for which they had not found specialists available in Bari.

Sounds like an important job to me. What about the future?

At the beginning of October a meeting was held with the diocesan Caritas and the parishes to intensify the promotion of the activities of the center in order to search for new doctors to be included in the network and to extend the number of potential users in order to Alleviate as much as possible the very difficult situation of poverty not only in the neighbourhood, but in the whole city of Bari.

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