Missions I know. SAN., when the other side of the coin is important

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The missions abroad of the SO. San. They always consist of a group of doctors from various specialties who go to the underdeveloped countries to treat the most needy. In the collective imagination, the evaluation of the goodness of the shipments is made on the basis of the number of interventions done.

This is, however, extremely reductive because in the course of the specialized activity, there are also other functions, not less important, which mainly concern the training of local staff on methodologies, procedures and Equipment.

Confucius said: "If you see someone who is hungry on the river, do not give him a fish, but teach him to fish", in this way the contribution is not transient, but permanent, indeed it could induce a virtuous circle that amplifies over time. The health workers involved in the missions I know. San. They have always done just that principle trying to leave a permanent trace of their passage.

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The first way to implement this concept is to make sure that the local staff is present during the interventions of the mission team (Photo 2).

This is fundamental because it allows these to learn about the methodologies of intervention that, instrumentation permitting, are at the forefront. It has often happened to find in the local structures of the modern equipment that lay unused for the lack of training of the Doctors of the hospital.

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Another implementation of the verb "to teach fishing" is through meetings that are done with local physicians (Photo 3).

They have as their object the activity carried out in all its disfacettature thus allowing to focus the problems of the interventions, to explain and to motivate the processes employed, their purposes and the difficulties which one can meet.

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Another very important aspect of the activity of the team's physicians is the education of paramedical personnel on health procedures and on the use of equipment (Photo 4).

Sometimes even the simplest tools can present problems for those who are not practical and have never been able to learn the correct use.

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Finally plays a role far from negligible, sharing the simplest moments of daily life, which can be a lunch, maybe in a cafeteria "suis generis" (photo 5), fundamental in creating the relationships of trust that are the basis of Collaboration.

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