An immigrant, cured by the health center of Tombolo, challenges the frost to save a suicidal from the river Brenta

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It's called Ousmane Cissoko the 21-year-old Senegalese protagonist of this fact of chronicle that makes us reflect, on what pushes one, at a time like this in which the immigrant is banned, to risk his own life in an act of generosity of this magnitude.

Ousmane Cissoko The Immigrant rescuer

But let's come to the fact. Ousmane arrived in Italy in 2016 on board a barge sailed from Libya and after 8 months of stay in a reception center has managed to regularize its position and currently makes the Warehouseman in Limena. Well while at 8 a.m. He went to work by bicycle was recalled by the screams of a girl who pointed to a man who had thrown himself in the icy waters of the river Brenta. Without thinking he takes off his clothes, plunges and brings back to the shore still alive.

Why do we like to remember it? Because it was attended for free by the health center SO. San. of Tombolo where he had been in care for a dental pathology.

Perhaps the good done by our center has triggered a virtuous circle and has been widely repaid.

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