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Amatrice – The eyewear distribution made by volunteers SO. San.

When the earthquake hit the center of Italy, I know. SAN., solidarity with Lions health, relying on the experience gained in almost a hundred health missions in the world, had thought to make available to his doctors to intervene in the territories left. But it wasn't easy at all and you could only do a part of what originally thought. But let's hear how it went on the part of President I know. San. Salvatore Trigona.

Dear Savior How come you thought to intervene in the territories of central Italy hit by the earthquake of the summer 2016?

Know. San. was born to get their doctors where there is more need of them, the earthquake had upset a large area where, among other things, there was an absolute need for health care and volunteer doctors would find a diverse world of needy who went from Victims to the same rescuers.

Know. San. For 15 years brings in the World health solidarity and wondered if it was the case to intervene. The experience we had, the preparation as well, the enthusiasm we were not missing, we felt that only enough to leave.

But how did you think to intervene?

The most important thing in the case of natural disasters is the timeliness of Intervention. So, first of all, with a special newsletter we turned to all the 5000 doctors with whom we are in contact and within a few days we already had about thirty volunteers available to go to the areas of disaster. The fields in which we could make ourselves useful were many; In the Ophthalmological field, and example, who escapes from home for the earthquake, the last thing he thinks about is taking his glasses; Or with listening centres distributed on the territory.

Without conceit with almost a hundred missions in various countries of the world in environmental conditions often difficult, sometimes in structures lacking or even non-existent, we actually thought we could be useful.

But what about?

From the first contacts with the rescue machine emerged the difficulty to insert ourselves in a concrete way in the operative structure. There was perhaps an overabundance of supply, often not sufficiently qualified, the fact is that there was no time to link appropriately and what could be an important task force is finite distributed to help in the health facilities of Area and only in some cases it was possible to intervene directly in the field.

Can you give us some examples?

The camper took over the tent, with Dr. Carnevalini at work illuminated by a…. Mobile phone

What I like most to remember is the tent erected to Amatrice where Alfonso Carnevalini was operating, veteran ophthalmologist of the SO missions. SAN., that to those who had escaped from home without glasses was able to give of others (there was a stock of glasses provided by the Hundred collection used Lions glasses of Chivasso), but also had a nice deal to treat the rescuers who were injured during operations.

Arquata del Tronto-Dr. Borelli in the tent used as a listening centre

Then there is the story of Nunzio Borelli, Doctor of Medolla, severely damaged by the earthquake of Emilia of 2012, which was aggregated to a temporary clinic in Arquata del Tronto.  "Those who tried them can not remain indifferent," said Nunzio, among the first to make available.

And all this, as is norm in the interventions I know. SAN., in a completely free way.

Any regrets?

Yes! We could have done more and we must strive to overcome the greater difficulty encountered, the bureaucratic one, by setting, in time, a relationship of collaboration with the civil protection.


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