On the rest of the Carlino, in an article signed by V. Panchia, it was read: "A doctor who gives his specialization to those who cannot afford care or waits is one of the reasons why the history of mankind should be rewritten." Well I know. San. For more than fifteen years, he has been trying to rewrite the history of mankind by combining the offer of free services made by willing doctors to the need to receive health benefits from a diverse world of needy.

The initial activity was almost completely addressed to third world countries, with repeated health care missions conducted on five continents.

For a few years I know. San. It also operates in Italy where the persistent economic crisis has made it more difficult to treat itself to more and more vast groups of populations. The answer to these new needs was the creation of health centers SO. San. and health care networks in some regions of Italy, different structures in which destitute people can find help.

Initially constituted, almost exclusively by doctors of the SO. San. All the specializations of the health world are now represented, which, together with other professional figures useful in the management and administration of the association, form a great team to help those who need health care Both in Italy and abroad.