Commitment of Lions for the blind From 1925 Lions are dedicated to the blind to re-enter an active life and to break their tragic isolation; international convention of 1925, in fact, the Lions accepted the challenge from Helen Keller to become "Knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness." In this activity, aimed at finding long-term solutions to eliminate preventable and reversible blindness, have been involved in the field of blindness organizations, experts and Governments. The SIGHTFIRST PROGRAM has funded over 250 projects in 51 countries of 5 continents by restoring sight to millions. In practice, the intervention of the Lions made it possible:

  • build or expand eye hospitals oltre150
  • provide over 300 modern equipment,
  • to over 3 million cataract surgeries,
  • treat over 5 million people with river blindness,
  • train almost 14,000 among ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses and staff.

Many other activities in the field of view were implemented with the help of Lions:

  • the EYE BANK FOUNDATION "Melvin Jones": the chance to regain their sight through free transplantation of cornea;
  • the service of GUIDE DOGS of LIONS: over 1200 dogs were donated to date blind;
  • the book TALKED ABOUT: there are thousands of titles that are shipped for free;
  • PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGY Board: aim is the prevention of blindness and Visual handicaps of childhood
  • collecting USED EYEGLASSES: now millions, distributed free in developing countries.

Lions youth commitment of LIONS are committed to helping all those in need, with particular attention to young people. Lions clubs sponsor drug and violence prevention programs in schools in their community. The programs ' Models for adolescence-Lions Quest», «models to Grow ' and ' templates to act "teach young people how to deal with situations and resolve conflicts responsibly and to resist the temptations of smoking, alcohol and other drugs.

  • LEO CLUB PROGRAM. Lions club of 138 countries sponsoring more than 5,600 Leo clubs worldwide. The more than 140 thousand members between the ages of 12 and 28 years, are involved in various community service activities and projects to promote education and education in the world.
  • YOUTH EXCHANGES. Each year more than 4,000 youth exchanges involving young people from 15 to 21 years, hosted by families in all countries where the Lions International is present.
  • INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CAMPS. In these fields are organized educational, recreational and cultural activities. These meetings, which have already been carried out in 38 countries, have enabled young people from different countries to know each other and work together.
  • INTERNATIONAL PEACE POSTER CONTEST». Each year, more than 325,000 students between 11 and 13 years old from all over the world express their concept of peace so creative and artistic and participated in selections of international competition.

LIONS are also engaged in many other activities that affect the elderly, the maintenance of artistic and cultural heritage, the environment, the disabled. LIONS have founded the AILD (Italian Association of Lions for diabetes, and support the AIDD (Italian Association against the spread of drugs). LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL Foundation (LCIF) was formed to operate rapidly internationally and has three main goals: humanitarian service, professional assistance to young people, aid in case of natural disasters and civil emergencies. The appointment of Melvin Jones Fellow is the highest honor that the Foundation gives to those who have particularly distinguished in the implementation of the objectives thereof. By joining a Lions Club, people not only help those in need, but they have the opportunity to make friends and develop leadership skills resulting in return useful to society. May be Lions Clubs members men and women of full age, who enjoy good reputation in the community and which have been invited by a club. Each year over 20,000 Lions participate in international convention to discuss new ideas, share experiences and reaffirm their friendship. The International Association of LIONS CLUBS is the most widespread Association of services in the world with a financial commitment of over 200 million euros per year.  The number and presence are crucial to give strength to "willingness to serve". In the world there are over 1,300,000 members in more than 45,000 clubs that operate in more than 200 countries. In Europe, there are over 270,000 members in more than 9,500 clubs. In Italy, the partners are distributed in 1266 49,673 club.