To respond to the new poverty and the increasing presence of migrants I know. San. He has developed the Italy project which is based on the provision of specialist medical services to the indigent who live in italy, offering them complete specialist health care in a completely free way. The project provides for the establishment of health centres with surgeries organized by SO. San. In their own or at health facilities of public and private bodies, who work in the field of social and/or health, where they lend their work to doctors and voluntary health staff. Always included in the project Italy are the networks of health solidarity where several volunteer doctors, who work directly in their professional studio, provide free visits whose access is coordinated by SO. San.. The patient's access, both to the centres and to the networks, takes place on presentation by the social services or the assistential structures that attent to the state of necessity. On the occasion of the recent earthquake that hit the center italy, i know. San. It has shown that with its organization it is able to intervene in a short time and with completely autonomous sanitary units to be distributed on the Territory.   Health centers interventions in natural disasters networks of health solidarity partnerships with hospitals