The basic principles of our volunteering are: continuance, security and gratuitous ' continuities ' to give continuity to a mission of solidarity, to realize a project requires an association, that develop a good organization and an efficient Programming. It is no more time, you can not go to the needy countries "how do you", thinking that so much everything can be done. It is no more time, it is no longer possible to go to the needy countries, with personal projects, linked to the goodwill of a single person who proposes them and carries them forward, and that last only until the above person cares. It is time, instead, to make team play, it is time for coordination and professionalism. It is necessary, in fact, professionalism, continuity of the projects, exchanges of volunteers, substituting if it also needs the promoters if unavailable. It is necessary for this reason to rely on serious voluntary associations, known, organized, controlled and controllable, and who have acquired experience and knowledge of the problems of international cooperation. Without these assumptions, time and money are wasted unnecessarily. But what is worse, is not true solidarity., it disincentive the goodwill of individuals and often damages the name Lions in the world.