FOREWORD the gap between poor and rich countries is constantly increasing; one of the most sensitive indicators is surely the quality of health care provided to citizens. In many third world countries to combat desertification, famine, the repeated wars or guerrilla wars forgotten, produce, among other things, lack or insufficient health care each year, with hundreds of thousands of deaths. In all these countries, large and small international aid organisations play an important role, trying to alleviate the suffering of these people, with thousands of volunteers who, for this purpose, dedicate their profession and their time. Lions Italians are present through the KNOW. ST. Lions Organization Solidarity Sanitaria Onlus. The Aims. ST. Lions organization Solidarity Sanitaria Onlus was born from this premise and detected by some Lions from different professional sectors, to give a staff coordination the activities of so many lions doctors that, individually, were operating in a number of developing countries, relying on other associations or bodies, thereby losing Lions identity. The organization is not for profit and pursues exclusively charitable purposes; intends to attract the individual initiatives and broad availability of professional staff to develop its own programs, continuous, effective and rewarding; do not give money or gifts does not substitute for agencies or other associations, but offers to those who need the professionalism and the work of its members. History • The KNOW. ST. Lions organization was born in Ravenna on January 18, 2003. • It is a non-profit organization registered in the provincial city of Ravenna. • The September 1, 2004 was recognized as Lions from Headquarters of the International Association of Lions Clubs “authorizing the name and logo. • On May 26, 2007 at the National Congress of the multiple district 108 Italy Fiuggi was voted as “Italian Service Permanent Lions multiple district.” It currently has 260 members, more than half of doctors and is present in all districts of the multiple District Lions Clubs from 113 108 Italy. The health task force consists of: anesthesiologists, Cardiologists, surgeons, Dermatologists, pharmacists, Biologists, gynecologists, Obstetricians, nurses to S.O., general practitioners, Neurologists, Nephrologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, Otorhinolaryngologists, orthopedists, Pediatricians, urologists, Laboratory. I Know That One. ST. He has to his credit to date a total of 71 missions in: • Africa (Tanzania, Cameroon, Malawi, Ethiopia, Togo, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Uganda, Morocco) • Asia (India and Afghanistan) • Latin America (Brazil, Ecuador, Amazon basin, Haiti) • Europe (Albania, Moldova) In each of these expeditions were made hundreds of requests, and surgical procedures, often creating conditions to limit the possibilities, in order to bring health and alleviating suffering and the suffering of the peoples of the third world. EXPERIENCE The KNOW. ST. in recent years has accumulated considerable knowledge of both the African health, both about how to confront the Africans. Distributed for free, after thorough eye examination, hundreds of eyeglasses, thus giving the opportunity to see and work with many people. He performed many surgeries and given health. I Know That One. SAN provides free of those Lions, of those clubs, those who volunteer, their professionals, their doctors for health interventions agreed in favor of those populations in need. I Know That One. ST. is convinced, and many people believe that  using only our competences, which are an immeasurable asset, not delegating any other association or entity  to perform our services, but being the leading actors of our projects, you can pick the great potentialities still unexpressed, give effect to and just cost a great solidarity with those less fortunate than ourselves , make that “We Serve”, so dear to us. STRENGTHS OF SO. ST. Safety: the missions carried out by our volunteers are carefully syllabus and studied in detail. You make after you create for time cooperative relationships and agreements with local authorities and religious, political, or lion and assured their volunteers with appropriate and secure policies. Continuity: the approved projects are realised and taken forward in time using and exchanging all their professionals, considering ultimate goal an ever growing increase in interventions in favour of many third world populations, especially those living in extreme poverty. Gratuity of the missions. I Know That One. ST. volunteers who participate in missions offers the trip and shall reimburse the expenses relating to transfers and living room, where not provided by the host associations. Everything is possible thanks to two important factors:   increase financial resources strengthening of human resources. For the current fiscal year is scheduled the continuity of all voluntary activities. With resources that will become available, will be made of several other projects, during the feasibility study, considering our ultimate goal an ever growing increase in interventions in favour of many third world populations, especially those living in extreme poverty. CONCLUSION with the help of everyone, lions and lions, who share these principles, I KNOW. SAN., with dedication and faithfulness to the principles of Lionism, will strive to bring the latest health and make more effective the fight against challenges in which you debate those who live in need. Support peoples in need, help them to help themselves, to give where it needs our help and make sure that in the near future no longer need us and they can walk with their legs, it is imperative: SOSAN’s hitting. Everyone can join, just share ideas and purposes. The adhesion is regulated by art. 6 of the Statute and art. 5 of the regulation.