l Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian organization in the world. Members are men and women who offer part of their time to charitable causes and their motto is "we serve" (we are dedicated to the service). The Association of Lions Clubs was formed for the insight and fervor of Melvin Jones: at a time when Europe was shocked by the tragedy of World War I and America was involved, Melvin Jones had the extraordinary insight of a large international Association of clubs, bringing together representatives of the economic and political life, was able to offer collaboration to its members but to the community. In an age of predominant interests closely utilitarians, he had thus to conceive the "Club Service". The Association was founded in 1917; in that Congress laid the foundations of the club service; It was decided to take the name "Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety" (LIONS); It was decided to adopt as emblematic-faced lion to signify that one hand looked to the past, but also to the future; It was decided that the Association should be apolitical and nonsectarian to open up to anyone in an ideal of understanding and respect. The idealistic euphoria of the immediate aftermath of the first world war was fertile ground for the development of Lions Clubs in America. In the period between the first and second world wars the Association crossed the boundaries of X men where, however, was consolidated in the institutional goals by adopting widely and honed Convention of 1918, the purpose of Lionism and the code of ethics. In recognition of his work, already in 1919 the Association was recognized as moral agents. In the immediate postwar years he participated in all the most crucial peace conference bringing the contribution of its experts to obtain a coveted award: his appointment as permanent advisory body of the economic and Social Council. N.U.. At the same time began its spread in the world. The rapidity of the spread was objective evidence that Lions Clubs were actually a need felt in every country. The Italy entered the lionistic Association on March 5, 1951 with the establishment of the Club in Milan, Milan Hosts today, the ancestor of all Italian teams.