In Many third world countries desertification, famines, wars, often forgotten, cause the lack of adequate health care and produce hundreds of thousands of deaths. In these countries, several international humanitarian organizations play an important role, trying to alleviate the suffering of the populations, with thousands of volunteers who, to this end, devote their time and professionalism. I know. SAN Since its inception has focused its activity on developing countries with compelling needs for health support, thanks to numerous Italian doctors Lions members who have become available for missions in different countries such as Haiti, Ecuador, brazil, Burkina Faso, ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Madagascar, Afghanistan, India, Togo, cameroon, Uganda. Missions are currently underway in morocco, Moldova and Albania, with periodic interventions. The aim of the interventions of our physicians concerns both diagnostic, curative and surgical activities and the training of local, medical and paramedical health personnel, in order to allow the evolution of those communities through the learning of new Surgical and care techniques becoming as self-sufficient as possible from the health point of VIEW. The missions take place on the basis of agreements signed with both the local authorities and the Ministry of Health in order to ensure the personal protection of the components that is thus ensured, throughout the mission, by bodyguards and Police. Missions in Morocco mission in Afghanistan missions in Albania missions in the Amazon mission in Burkina Faso missions in Brazil missions in Cameroon missions in Ethiopia missions in India mission to Madagascar mission in Malawi missions in Moldova missions in Tanzania