Autorefractometer, a tool that makes it easy to recognize visual problems in children

SIGHT FOR KIDS is a service sponsored by the founding of Lions Club International (LCIF), which started in the United States for some years and which, subsequently, began to be practiced in Italy as well. It consists of organizing free visual screening for the detection of amblyopia (lazy eye) in pre-school children.

Know. San. He immediately understood the importance of this service so as to promote its adoption as a national service to the National Congress of Rome, together with three Lions clubs, also taking on the burden of its advertising by realizing and distributing the brochures and Rollup.

The following year, at the Congress of Bari, with the support of new clubs in addition to the first three, presented the proposal, approved by the Assembly, so that Sight for Kids became permanent service.

The project has immediately taken an unusual route: normally a recognized service of national relevance is followed and developed by its presenters (which is obvious since having developed it know the details) in this case, however, has been seized by Multiple district that Hage
stito it directly with SO. San. Relegated to a role of secondary partner and even with the Club presenters not even involved.

For a long time though I know. San. It has not stopped and immediately has been activated buying at its own expense of the auorefractometers, tools of simple use that highlight the visual anomaly, which were made available to Lions clubs who wanted to join the campaigns. They are the only Lions tools available for screening.

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