Who is I know. San. I know. San. is a Lions volunteer organization committed to promoting health care for the needy with lions projects, made by lions, putting the various skills of the members to fruiting. He was born in Ravenna in 2003 and in 2007 becomes a permanent multi-district Service for Italian Lions. The initial activity was almost completely addressed to third world countries, with repeated missionary health care. For some years it has begun to operate in Italy, where the persistent economic crisis was making it more difficult to treat itself to more and more vast groups of populations. The answer to these new needs was the creation of health centers SO. San. In some regions of Italy, where destitute people can find assistance. Initially formed, almost exclusively by physicians in the OS. San. All the specializations of the health world are now represented, which, together with other professional figures useful in the management and administration of the organization, form a great team of support for those who need assistance Both in Italy and abroad.